Genesis for Beginners v3

The handbook put out by StudioPress, A Beginner’s Guide to the Genesis Framework for WordPress, has version 2 in its URL structure, but when you arrive there to see the pdf, you’ll notice that the footer of the file indicates that it’s actually version 3, updated in January 2016. To be clear, Version 2 has a […]

Duplicator — WordPress Plugins

The Duplicator Plugin works by creating a full copy of your WordPress website, including all core files, as well as customizations and the database. These are then zipped into a downloadable file and when combined with the installer file also created by the plugin, your site can be set up on another host. To recreate […]

Anatomy of a WordPress Plugin

Often times when you want something done correctly, it’s best to do it yourself. While certain aspects of WordPress may seem out of reach, we are lucky to have so many resources to pull from as we develop ourselves as coders. Since I periodically spend time in forums answering questions, i came across this question: […]

Theme Customization

One month WordPress theme customization project for Spelman College Museum of Fine Art. Client chose the WordPress theme, designer supplied artwork, and we made the customizations to the theme, including building three page templates. Client also retained us for monthly WordPress maintenance contract.